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Earth Weekend Workshop Series

Posted 3/19/2015 9:45am by Andrea or Matthias Reisen.

The earth is a part of us, we walk on her every day. It provides us with each breath we take, every ounce of nourish needed. Come learn the essentials to take care of her and yourself. Experience rituals you can do to recognize, realize and honor your connection to Mother Earth and its importance.

The plant spirits are our connection to the earth, they share with us how we can heal ourselves and our community. What knowledge can we gain from working with essential oils and there origins. We will share this and much more as we journey into the relationship we share with the earth.This information is timeless, it comes from our ancestors and it is our responsibility to share it with our family, community and society.

Cost: $495 per weekend Class size is limited, payment in full before first class.

$200.00 refund or credit towards product at end of the four classes.

Study kits $50.00 extra for each class includes 5 essential oils and 5 herbs.

Each class will include experiential hands on learning, plant walks and ID, salve making, tincture making, tea blending, aromatherapy blending, distillation of hydrosols

Summer June 26-27 2015 Plant ID, growing and planting, labyrinth walk, distillation, flower essence, blending teas, sweat lodge, pray bundles.

Fall October 31  &Nov. 1, 2015  Plant ID, Harvesting and Drying, Essentials oils for Healing, Roots, Syrups,fire cider vinegar Dream Pillows (which herbs and oils are best for dreaming and sleeping) prayer arrows

Winter January 16 & 17, 2016 Wassling, herbal cosmetics, lip balm, body scrubs, essential oils for winter health, pipe ceremony.

Spring April 23 & 24 2016 Tree medicine, essential oils and herbs from the standing people. Self -Care Therapies, De-Barking of trees, distillation and Sweat lodge


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